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    Each year we raise a herd of quality, pasture-raised, black angus cattle. We manage our herd utilizing low-stress handling techniques on foot and horseback. They live their lives on pasture 24/7 while at the farm. We sell sides of beef at the end of the season, if interested please reach out. You’ll never go back to grocery store beef again!

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    Tom Curtin Clinic Deposit

    Tom Curtin Clinic Deposit

    May 21-22 or May 24-26, 2024.

    Your choice of two or three full days working with Tom and Trina Curtin.

    Horsemanship, problem solving and cattle. Get back to the basics and put them to practical use. Tom is all about building a better connection between horse and rider.

    Final balance will be due day of clinic, along with cattle fee. Auditors welcome! $40/ day.

    Stalling booked separately. Please email info@gelinasfarm.com.
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