• Honoring quality and versatility by offering opportunities to build your horsemanship through training and clinics.


    Specializing in the fundamentals of horsemanship to build a foundation that will take you and your horse in any direction.

    Elaina Enzien, owner and founder of NZN Horsemanship, is a lifelong student of the horse, starting her journey at Gelinas Farm when she was 6 years old. As a teen and young adult she had the opportunity to study under some of the greatest horsemen and women in the country.


    Elaina has the innate ability to meet horses and riders where they are, allowing them to feel comfortable and safe to succeed at their own pace.


    Areas of Expertise Includes:

    Problem solving

    Colt starting

    Foundation horsemanship

    Ranch versatility

    Stockmanship/ Cattle work/ Roping

    Classical dressage training principles

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  • Private Clinics with NZN Horsemanship

    NZN Horsemanship offers customizable private clinics on or off Gelinas Farm property. Options include foundation horsemanship, problem solving, ground work, or cattle work. Cattle are available from May to October. You fill the clinic and let us handle the rest!


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    Contact Gelinas Farm to schedule the dates and times for your clinic.


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    Decide the focus of your clinic and what your stabling needs will be.


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    It's up to you to fill your clinic!

  • What People Are Saying

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    Comfortable Approach

    "Elaina led by example and was able to teach me while she completed training sessions on my new horse. Elaina made the process feel comfotable when my nerves got the best of me. It was easy to get out of my comfort zone around Elaina and try techniques I've never tried before. Never did I feel pressure to do anything that myself or my mare were not ready for...you can truly tell Elaina enjoys working with horses AND their people. Not to mention we had a lot of laughs during our journey together."

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    Perceptive and Patient

    "I can't say enough great things about Elaina's training program. Elaina and her team are so knowledgeable and patient. They go back to basics and really focus on groundwork, feel, rhythm, balance, and breathing. Elaina takes time to explain the why of everything she teaches. She is very aware of my horse's growth and his overall health and is ok to slow down pace if needed. She provides me the guidance and support I need to raise and amazing horse and be a better horse owner. I am so thankful to be apart of the NZN Horsemanship family."

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    Finding Joy

    "I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know what an impact that ranch weekend was for me. Not only for my horse but also myself mentally...being at your farm brought up some things for me and really showed me what makes me happy...and since then I have been working on myself. When I picture happiness or peace, I think of being at your farm. I cannot wait to come back again..."




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    Podcasts and Resources

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