• Training

    Our mission is to provide our horses with a quality foundation through a horse-centered approach. We are fortunate to have the training expertise and infrastructure that allows us to offer many different experiences and meet the various needs of any horse. We specialize in colt starting, working through problem behaviors, refinement, strengthening horse and rider relationships, tune-ups, and simple “fit evaluations” (does a particular horse suit a particular rider?). We strive to work with horses and their owners to help build a confident, versatile horse and rider.


    How it works

    • Reach out, let us know your goals, and we'll determine if we're the right fit for each other!
    • We require 60 day minimum for training, we don't believe in quick fixes. It takes the time it takes and the horse sets the pace.
    • Send a non-refundable deposit to secure your spot! We will hold your spot for one month until deposit is received.
    • Training price includes board and 5 rides/ week with one of those rides being a lesson with us if you choose.
    Horse training and groundwork in roundpen

    Colt Starting


    Horseback trail riding and swimming

    Problem Solving


    Young horse cantering/loping



  • Boarding

    Turn out- Horses are turned out 24-7 in small herds, weather permitting. Pastures range from 5 to 25-acre lots with ponds, outside automatic waterers, and free choice mineral supplements. Each pasture has run-in sheds that are cleaned daily.


    Riding- The farm offers a round pen and large indoor and outdoor arenas to accommodate riding in all weather conditions. With miles of trails on and near the property, there is plenty to explore!


    Stalls- We have two barns with matted stalls. Our "big" barn features automatic waterers with direct access to the indoor arena. As a boarder, you will also have access to your own locker for storing your tack and other horse supplies.


    Holistic Healthcare- Our horses are cared for by a holistic team of medical professionals, including routine and emergency vet care, experienced farriers, dental, chiropractic care, energy work, and myofascial release therapy.

    Horses on pasture group turnout

    Forage First

    Horses are fed high-quality 1st and 2nd cut timothy hay and have access to free choice minerals. For those that need it, we also have several choices for commercial feed.

    Horseback cattle work, sorting and cutting


    Gelinas Farm offers quality horsemanship in all interactions. Our team of professional horse(wo)men handle horses with confidence, feel, and experience.

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    The farm offers a space for both horses and humans to develop friendships and find mentors. Join our wonderful community and further your horsemanship journey with other like-minded horsefolk.